In the aftermath of loss, we need a space where we can arrive just as we are. We need time to give voice to our grief and validation for the individual ways we navigate life after loss.

I believe that…

  • Grief and grieving are natural responses to loss or death;
  • Each of us has the capacity to heal;
  • No two people grieve the same way;
  • Nobody should grieve alone.

My husband, and my son’s dad, died of cancer at the age of 38 and my mother and father both died in the ensuing years due to health complications. I’ve been on my own grief journey. That’s why I think the work of grief coaching is so very important.  I trained in grief group facilitation through the Dougy Center – The National Center For Grieving Children & Families. Having a space to explore the full range of your emotions without judgement and without anyone trying to “fix things” is supportive . Finding a way forward is deeply healing.

If you are a school administrator, sports program coach, or community group leader in Columbia County, New York looking for CRISIS RESPONSE resources in the face of a recent death affecting your school, team, or group, please contact me immediately by clicking the link above. I am here to help.