GoalSpark Coaching specializes in academic life coaching, transition coaching, and grief support for teens and young adults.

Academic Life Coaching

This is your opportunity to develop skills, habits, & mindsets that will serve you well beyond your time in the classroom.

Transition Coaching

Change is inevitable so, let’s make the best of it! Transitions present challenges AND opportunities for huge personal growth.

Grief Support

Find a path forward following the loss of a loved one through one-on-one coaching or tailored group/family coaching.

Why GoalSpark?

The vision behind GoalSpark Coaching is to inspire, ignite, & support personal growth leading to a life in balance.

Balance, by its very nature, exists in the tension between two poles: work/school & home; busyness & rest; trials & joy. Finding and maintaining balance begins by recognizing that tension and getting comfortable with the space in between. Balance does not remove the tension, the poles are still there. Balance, in physics and in life, requires us to hold both poles in equal measure. Here’s the tricky thing about balance: just like balancing on a seesaw, life balance can be held for a moment, but it requires constant adjustment to maintain it over time, because things around us shift all the time. Life balance is not an end goal, it is an active practice. As circumstances around us change, we need to be willing to adjust our goals, expectations, and choices to re-establish balance in our lives.

Spark your creativity & passion to achieve your goals.

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