Academic Life Coaching

Let’s partner together to discover your passions, inspirations, & strengths and identify areas for growth.

Transition Coaching

Adolescence is full of challenging transitions. However, navigating them well is not always easy. Through individual coaching and custom-designed group programs, GoalSpark helps teens make those transitions meaningful and productive.

Community Grief Support

GoalSpark works with Grief Support Hudson to support youth, teens, and young adults dealing with the death of a loved one. In addition, our facilitators are available to provide grief crisis support for schools, sports teams, and other community organizations.

Why GoalSpark?

My name is Michele Widd and I believe that leading a healthy, joyful, productive life depends on carefully balancing achievement with passion. That’s why I started GoalSpark Coaching. What good is goal achievement if it doesn’t feed your passion? Or conversely, what good is passion without a plan to share and develop it?

That is the vision behind GoalSpark Coaching –
to inspire young people in identifying and developing the life skills necessary to successfully balance goal achievement and passion!

Spark your creativity & passion to achieve your goals.

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